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    Automate business processes with conversational ai and RPA

    KODA.AI is an enterprise-class conversation automation platform, built to be intuitive & easy to use, with advanced AI technology & live learning algorithms.

    Over 150+ implementations

    Automated & Natural Conversations

    Our technology enables automated & natural conversations with customers, building engagement, creating new sales opportunities, or increasing clients’ loyalty.

    Why KODA?


    The KODA platform can be integrated with any systems, allowing not only the automation of customer service, but also the optimization of internal processes including HR and effective sales and marketing activities.

    We can handle the setup and end-to-end operation of a chatbot or voicebot or provide you with components that you can arrange yourself, change, test and enjoy finding solutions to your everyday challenges.

    Regardless of the industry, scale of operations or language of service, our tool is designed to adapt to the unique needs of each customer.

    KODA Intelligence

    The module will automatically select the appropriate language model – including the innovative Generative AI. Our solution provides precise and cost-optimized answers to user queries.


    KODA.AI has been on the market since 2017, with more than 150 projects for companies of varying sizes and industries.

    Omnichannel by design

    We bring communication automation to the next level, designing the KODA.AI Platform as a single, omnichannel solution your company needs.

    Simplify business processes

    Cut your costs & save money, by reducing your employees’ workload & boosting the client service processes’ effectiveness.

    The side effect of KODA.AI Platform implementation is simplifying processes. Scale-up your business, by creating new sales funnels & building clients’ loyalty.

    We increase efficienty

    We automate communication in business processes for the largest companies, leaders in their industries.

    Żabka Franchisees – chatbot for more than 8 000 franchisees

    Learn how a chatbot integrated with Żabka’s daily systems works to support franchisees by handling requests efficiently and categorizing them properly.
    Saves consultants
    140 hours
    a month just asking for details of requests
    of returning users
    34 000
    requests handled
    in 9 months of operation

    Gamivo – chatbot for global customer service

    Learn about the performance of an e-commerce chatbot, integrated with Zendesk and a customer database that has exchanged more than 3 million messages with users.
    In the first 18 months,
    120 000
    users talked to it
    Calls handled by consultants
    are down by more than

    Nexera – how chatbot and voicebot automated customer service

    One structure – two solutions. Meet the chatbot available on the website and having its own version of the voicebot on the hotline that recognizes addresses.
    In its first year, it exchanged more than
    1 000 000
    At the time, he had nearly
    50 000
    Recognizes correctly
    of addresses
    Pierwszy lotniskowy bot w Polsce – szybkość, dostępność, satysfakcja użytkowników

    Wroclaw Airport – the first airport chatbot in Poland

    The main task of the automation was to reduce the time it takes for travelers to obtain information and to ensure that the system’s communications are always available around the clock.
    The chatbot has been
    used by more than
    200 000
    It exchanges almost
    30 000
    messages per month

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    Phone campaigns

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    Implementation services

    Take advantage of our extensive experience in implementing customized chatbots and voicebots across various industries, diverse processes, and multiple contact channels.

    Ticket automation

    Swiftly address customer inquiries, slash resolution times and boost satisfaction with our AI powered solution.

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