Challenges of HR and Internal Communication which Conversational AI can help with

In recent years, employers have been faced with an increasing number of challenges that hinder effective recruitment management and daily communication with employees. The pandemic that swept the world in 2020 accelerated the process of remote working, forcing companies to adapt to new conditions and make changes within their organizations. With it came issues related to maintaining efficient contact between employees which is essential not only for keeping a good atmosphere but ultimately achieving business success. 

Conversational AI – how chatbots and voicebots can improve processes?

One of the tools that can help solve these problems are chatbots and voicebots; systems of artificial intelligence designed to facilitate and streamline communication processes within businesses. In recent times, chatbots used for recruitment and internal communication have become a natural solution for companies looking to streamline their processes and daily communication with employees. They allow you to automate up to 85-90% of the repetitive conversations with employees within a few weeks, regardless of the form of communication – whether it is on chat or on hotlines. 

We work with market leaders such as Żabka, Biedronka (Jeronimo Martins), Adamed, Santander Consumer Bank, BSH and others in HR and internal communication. With years of experience, we know what functions employees need the most and which paths to take to get the best results, whether it’s solutions for office workers or factories.

„Great Resignation” – how to cope with employee turnover

One of the biggest challenges currently facing employers is the so-called Great Resignation, which refers to a very high level of employee turnover worldwide. By using our solutions, we can help our clients effectively recruit new employees and integrate and train them to ensure a sense of belonging to the company and increase their productivity.

Our chatbots work perfectly for these repetitive tasks, and thanks to integrations with clients’ systems, they can automatically transfer CVs to the system, connect people with the right job, thus relieving recruiters. 80-90% of people starting the recruitment process in the chatbot go through the full path available in it. Chatbots and voicebots can accompany employees at every stage:

  • recruitment – external and internal, integrated with the client’s systems
  • onboarding – providing an interactive character of the process, allowing for training, testing, and introduction to the organization’s rules and culture
  • daily support – by providing information (also personalized), previously provided by the HR department
  • training, surveys – employee development, getting to know their needs
  • offboarding – farewell surveys

Multilingualism in the Workplace 

The conversational AI technology we use has no language barriers. We offer our clients tailored solutions in different languages, allowing them to reach out to a wide range of audiences as easily as possible. For a company that employs people from Ukraine, for example, our Ukrainian-language solutions can be helpful when conveying information about their company policy, recruitment processes, and training offers. This way, we enable companies to effectively and successfully communicate with their employees regardless of the language they speak.

Employees don’t feel excluded and appreciate the opportunity to communicate in their own language – even if the company doesn’t have people on staff who can provide this, automated solutions are the perfect solution for this.

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Recruitment chatbot (Trenkwalder) on Viber
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Recruitment chatbot (LSJ) on Telegram
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Recruitment chatbot (Trenkwalder) on Messenger

Reskilling and Upskilling

In today’s times, rapid technological development and automation of processes are forcing employees and employers to constantly adapt to changing market and technological conditions. Therefore, one of the key challenges for HR and internal communication is the ability to reskill and upskill employees. The ability to work within human-robot interaction (HRI), soon also robot-robot interaction (RRI), is becoming one of the most important elements in the workplace. For employees, developing skills in managing chatbots and voicebots is a great opportunity to take their first steps into technology fields. Many positions now require knowledge of these tools, and with further development of this sector, it will only become more widespread.

For employers, investing in reskilling and upskilling employees in this field is an investment in the future and the ability to quickly respond to changes in the industry. Preparing employees for chatbot and voicebot support allows for increased work efficiency, improved customer service quality, and the ability to quickly implement new technological solutions. In KODA’s case, using a well-designed chatbot platform enables customers to autonomously manage and update content on their chatbots. This makes it possible for content updates to be made quickly and efficiently. Implementing and managing a chatbot or voicebot is an excellent way to enter into the world of modern technologies such as chatGPT, while also acquiring new skills that will be key for future work.

Automation of repetitive questions 

The task of HR and internal communication departments is to ensure smooth communication between employees and employers. Frequently appearing, repetitive questions can be a serious challenge for HR employees who have to spend a lot of time giving the same answers, very often repeating seasonally. In this case, HR chatbots and voicebots are excellent solutions, being able to provide many people with answers to recurring questions and problems at once.

HR and internal communication staff have more time for solving other tasks and more complex problems that require human intervention and other skills. It is important that chatbots are properly designed and programmed to be able to provide full and accurate answers to employees’ questions. Therefore, it is key to carefully plan the scenarios of questions and answers already at the stage of deploying a chatbot or voicebot.

Thanks to secure HR system integrations, chatbots can deliver tailored and personalized content that is customized for individual employee needs. In this way, employees are able to get quick and accurate answers to their questions without having to call a hotline or contact the HR department.

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Low employee engagement 

In the changing job market and often remote work, it is difficult to build strong relationships with employees and motivate them to engage in company life. Our solutions allow easy transmission of information about corporate events, organizational goals and building relationships with employees through engaging them in contests and quizzes. The introduction of chatbots and voicebots allows quick and efficient surveys which give our customers the ability to gain knowledge about their employees’ needs.

Another way to increase employee engagement using chatbots and voicebots is activating them during national or international sports or cultural events that are personally relevant to each of us. By taking such actions, it is possible not only to increase the sense of belonging to a particular company, but also to build strong bonds between employees and motivate them to actively participate in the life of the organization.

HR and internal communication challenges stand before every organization, but with conversational AI they can be successfully faced. With our platform we integrate with clients’ proprietary systems, provide full cooperation safety (also with financial institutions), large scale visits in chatbots and voicebots are not a problem for us and we ensure their multilingualism. At the same time we do not forget about data analysis which is very important for our work. We strive to continually introduce optimizations and develop tools that serve employees best and meet organizational goals. Thanks to this we are able to continuously perfect our solutions and help in effective personnel management as well as effective internal communication.

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