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    Step 1

    Objective of process automation

    Before we move on to production, we are all ears. Walk us through your needs and tell a little bit about your company. With information about how the process works today, we will determine how we can achieve the best results in your business.

    We also set specific quantitative goals for the project, which we will strive to reach in the course of our cooperation.

    Step 2

    Right communication channel

    The conversation format should be tailored to the communication channel where it is taking place. Let’s just start by deciding on the channels, though – will it be just a website, or a mix of a phone campaign and a text messages with a link to a chatbot? We will help you decide which ones are the best for you.

    We build chatbots and voicebots for every communication channel. Each IM has its capabilities and limitations. We know them all, hence we are able to develop not only a conversation scenario, but also a communication strategy for now and for the possible next stages of our project’s development.

    Step 3

    Developing a conversation scenario

    We already know what and where we want to talk about – let’s work on the content and format. We communicate differently on the phone and while writing to each other. That’s why the format, that is the bot’s language, should be adjusted both to the communication channel and to the conversation context and, above all, to your target group.

    Naturally, the content is equally important. The expertise we equip the bot with will determine its effectiveness. What we need from you is a set of questions and answers or information that you want to provide to your contact. Then we get down to work. You will see the first results just in a few days.

    Step 4

    NLP training and tests

    To make a bot answer a question, it first needs to receive it from the user and then process it with the algorithms used by KODA. That helps the bot to understand and consequently tailor the right answer from its resources. That’s what KODA Intelligence – which forms the KODA Platform part responsible for the bots’ cognitive functions – is used for.

    Training and testing a bot means predicting possible events and expressions that the users will use. The training starts with historical data, e.g. records of conversations conducted via live chat. Every historical conversation and every bot conversation is a source of new learning for it, making it even better.

    Step 5

    Roll-out and day-to-day operation

    We got it. Now let’s put the bot to work. The course of conversations, their effects – you can view everything in the KODA Platform at any time. The bot is a flexible solution – we can easily add, remove or change content as well as optimize algorithms anytime.

    Based on the analysis of the conversations, their scope and the contacts’ expectations, we will draw up action proposals for you for the next 3-6-12 months.

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