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    Creating bots has never been easier

    Conversation is the foundation of communication in every walk of life, in every industry and in every business process. That’s why we’ve created software that allows you to easily design, quickly expand and thoroughly analyze the effectiveness of your conversations. With KODA, you can create chatbots and voicebots available in any contact channel – both via text and voice.

    KODA.AI Content Management technology

    Intuitive & easy to use technology

    Enabling people who are not AI specialists to develop advanced solutions

    Convenience of advanced AI

    Creating bots even faster and easier with automated natural conversations & live training algorithms

    Progress control

    We provide you with all the information you need to decide on the direction in which each bot will develop

    Intuitive conversation design

    Each conversation has to be tailored to the communication channel in which it is held. That’s why our platform provides more than 20 content templates that enrich conversations with linked buttons, images, videos, sounds, online forms and other solutions that – depending on the purpose of the bot – will engage or help give the user an instant, automatic answer to their question.

    Quick version restore

    The KODA Platform stores all versions of the bot that evolves in line with the needs of its callers and changes in automated processes. With our system, you can quickly restore information that has already been deleted from the bot and lets you track the author, date and extent of changes. Nothing gets lost in the KODA Platform.

    Many creatorsone bot

    The KODA platform has been developed for teams whose members have diverse specializations and, consequently, different privileges. In addition to the superadministrator who assigns these roles, there are also privileges for:


    can intervene in conversations held by the bot and solve more complex problems

    Bot Designer

    can add new content, develop bot’s structure, enhance responses with multimedia elements

    AI trainer

    configures the mechanism for understanding natural language, helps the bot better understand questions


    can only access performance indicators, can configure statistical events and produce reports

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    You are one step away from separating yourself from the communication community in your organization

    You can contact us and we will prepare a dedicated offer for you.