KODA Intelligence

    Bots that understand your callers

    For a conversation to be effective, the bot must understand what is being asked and give the caller the right answer. KODA Intelligence features advanced algorithms created and developed in collaboration with the academic community and based on libraries used by AI experts around the world.


    All conversations held through the KODA platform are a source of knowledge for the bot that uses them to learn new words and discover new needs of its callers. KODA uses ML models, libraries of specialized words, collections of keywords and their grammatical variations.

    With KODA, you can take advantage of solutions that have been developed for the hundreds of languages spoken by callers who converse with bots. Based on the number of conversations that can be used in the first stage of creating the bot, its language and objective, we can choose the best solution.

    Training panel

    Every conversation held with the bot is recorded in the KODA platform. This enables you to easily analyze the effectiveness of answers given.

    “SANDBOX” mode

    Each bot learns new expressions on the fly and expands its database of queries associated with a particular answer. The effects of adjustments can be previewed in sandbox mode before making them available to everyone.

    Multilingualism and openness to local solutions

    With the KODA platform, you can create bots in any language. With the increasing standardization of NLU/NLP mechanisms around the world, we facilitate the use of local solutions for both understanding and processing natural language as well as for voice transcription and simulation.

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