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    Automated customer service solution available 24/7

    KODA.AI Platform bots work around the clock, they cut the waiting time on the hotline to zero, take the heat of consultants and handle independently up to 90 percent of the cases that so far had to be dealt with by a human. Bots save you time and money. Our experience in NLP training and adaptability to your company needs, will make this process easy and effective.

    KODA.AI Platform implementation in numbers

    Automate Even 90% of Customer Service Questions

    Fully Functional Bot Implementation in  24h

    Reduce customer service agents workload by  50%

    We started working with KODA because I trust my intuition that has never led me astray. Obviously, facts matter too. From our very first meeting, we felt that KODA had a lot of experience and a partner-like approach, and the numerous recommendations only confirmed that it was a good idea to start working together.

    Increase You Customer Service Satisfaction

    Chatbots & Voicebots are here to represent your company. With proper training they can understand & solve even 90% of all cases you customer service agents deal with. In more complex cases, the KODA Platform redirects the customers to your team members. This can be done directly in our system or by integration with the contact center software of your choice.

    Integration with Your Contact Center

    If you use customer service software to manage the tasks, the KODA Platform can be easily integrated with it. Your team will see the bot-customer conversation history and take it over at a predefined or ad-hoc moment, using the same technology, same device, without any interruptions.

    KODA Live chat – ease of online conversations

    The KODA Platform is equipped with a live-chat system allowing human-to-human conversation in the same system. Having no contact center system is no longer a problem. KODA Live chat will meet your most important needs, such as queue or agent availability management.

    They trust us

    Why do businesses opt to employ KODA.AI in customer service?

    Quality customer service is the best marketing. So it makes sense to personalize and intelligently automate it, allowing your clients to get answers to their questions even faster.

    Sustainable value

    Chatbots and voicebots contribute to dealing with staff turnover and are a sound investment in the future


    A bot will handle as many conversations as you need at any given time. Hundreds, thousands of contacts in parallel are not a problem.


    Once developed, a chatbot or voicebot can work in any communication channel.

    Cost reduction

    A conversation with a chatbot up to three times cheaper than with a consultant.

    Expert support

    The KODA team assists in the development strategy creation and the ongoing optimization of conversation scenarios.


    Chatbots & Voicebots can communicate in your language of choice. The decision is up to you. The advanced AI will manage it.

    Example case studies

    Wdrożenie - Wirtualni asystenci Player i TVN24 GO – chatbot for customer service, fully integrated with Salesforce

    Player is a VOD service visited by as many as 7 million viewers every month. The platform offers its customers the latest and classic movies, series and popular TV shows
    Every day, it sends more than
    5,000 messages
    A conversation with the bot takes an average of
    4 minutes
    Chatbot independently solves
    55% of cases

    Biedronka – chatbot for the employees of the largest employer in Poland

    The Biedronka chain has over 70,000 employees in its stores; every day they, have a lot of questions for their employer in Polish and Ukrainian.
    More than 111,000 conversations in 1 year
    More than 32,000 users
    of cases solved independently

    Call us and find out if you are within the range of the network

    Nexera is revolutionizing the way we use broadband internet. The voicebot built on the KODA.AI Platform allows you to check the availability of the network in a selected location and speeds up the process of reporting failures
    Bot talks for over 2 500 minutes every month
    It correctly recognizes 70% of the provided addresses

    The veritas group is a company that employs babysitters who fulfill orders for the care of the elderly

    The task of the voicebot is to conduct telephone surveys among caregivers about the working conditions and health condition of the mentees.
    Over 1 500 surveys conducted each month
    Average call duration 3:50 minutes

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