Internal Communication

    Chatbots and voicebots in internal communication

    Every business with at least several employees has its own way to communicate internally. From IM groups like Skype or WhatsApp, to business messengers like Slack or MS Teams and advanced project management systems like Jira. Our platform is designed to deliver easy-to-use, low-code solutions to improve internal communication with advanced usage of chatbots & voicebots.

    KODA.AI HR technology chosen by EY

    Our technology for the HR industry is a finalist in the EY Demo Day HR competition.

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    KODA Platform implementation in numbers

    Automate Even  70% of Questions in the First Week of Operations

    Fully Functional Bot Implementation in 24h

    Reach Up To 93% of Automatically Answered Questions

    Our chatbot “Zosia” helps HR become more accessible to employees and provides immediate answers to frequently asked questions. It helps to save the HR department time for more demanding tasks, like employee development. The employees can ask questions anonymously & this encourages them to ask the chatbot more difficult topics, for example, related to unpaid leaves. You can say that “Zosia” is simply a virtual HR employee, ready for 24/7 days a week to help employees.

    How do businesses use bots to communicate with their employees?

    Chatbots are most often mentioned when it comes to customer service. Yet, communication processes in any company are not limited to customers. Successful internal communication is much easier to achieve with a smooth flow of information between the company and its employees.

    This is why chatbots accessed via a dialog box or voicebots – via a phone number are becoming more and more popular with employers. They serve as a solution that brings together the needs of information-seeking employees and reduces the handling time of employers’ questions.

    How companies use chatbots and voicebots?

    Employees onboarding

    Introducing them to the most important procedures, directing them to the right people or teams.

    Reporting purchasing needs

    Ordering business cards, reporting equipment issues or requests for consumables

    Employee training

    Its format and content tailored to specific positions, fields of expertise, or seniority

    Employee polls and satisfaction surveys

    One-off, periodic, or related to any aspect of work or event that has taken place

    Employee engagement

    Occasional contests, polls, environmental initiatives, voting on issues important to each employee

    Employee recruitment

    Bboth for new joiners and those who are interested in developing their careers in new areas or at higher levels

    Answering HR questions

    How many leave days are left, information on employee benefits, tips on social program opportunities

    Checking status

    What is the current stage of a case or of a specific project

    Providing information

    About the offer, products, updating employees on news in the organization and the offer

    Internal communications and HR implementations

    Chatbot gave us a chance to support a significant number of employees who, for various reasons, would not be able to get help, for example, via a social hotline. At the same time, we achieve other goals. The chatbot works quickly & is available 24/7. It keeps the standard of communication, enables content personalization & optimizes work time. The tool turned out to be extremely valuable, being agile & having the ability to support the company’s communication in difficult, pandemic times.

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    SIP Voicebot

    Create a voicebot that will answer the call for you, or replace your consultants in the telephone campaign
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    KODA web widget

    You can run it on a website, an intranet or any touch screen

    Microsoft Teams

    Streamline and accelerate daily communication in your business with the power of MS Teams
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    Workplace Chat

    Improve your employees’ productivity by communicating with them through the popular business IM

    Example case studies

    Wdrożenie - Wirtualni asystenci Player i TVN24 GO – chatbot for customer service, fully integrated with Salesforce

    Player is a VOD service visited by as many as 7 million viewers every month. The platform offers its customers the latest and classic movies, series and popular TV shows
    Every day, it sends more than
    5,000 messages
    A conversation with the bot takes an average of
    4 minutes
    Chatbot independently solves
    55% of cases

    Biedronka – chatbot for the employees of the largest employer in Poland

    The Biedronka chain has over 70,000 employees in its stores; every day they, have a lot of questions for their employer in Polish and Ukrainian.
    More than 111,000 conversations in 1 year
    More than 32,000 users
    of cases solved independently

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    Nexera is revolutionizing the way we use broadband internet. The voicebot built on the KODA.AI Platform allows you to check the availability of the network in a selected location and speeds up the process of reporting failures
    Bot talks for over 2 500 minutes every month
    It correctly recognizes 70% of the provided addresses

    The veritas group is a company that employs babysitters who fulfill orders for the care of the elderly

    The task of the voicebot is to conduct telephone surveys among caregivers about the working conditions and health condition of the mentees.
    Over 1 500 surveys conducted each month
    Average call duration 3:50 minutes

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    You are one step away from separating yourself from the communication community in your organization

    You can contact us and we will prepare a dedicated offer for you.