Welcome the new KODA & Michał Pawełczyk as the CEO

Dear Clients, Partners & Friends,

June 2022 has just become an essential moment in our company’s history. Officially from this day, KODA Bots will be known as KODA. It’s more than just a name change. This envisions our mindset evolving to technological excellence & ongoing development of our KODA Platform.

In later months we noticed that a considerable part of our work was related to developing new features for the KODA Platform & striving for excellence in its technological operations. We believe that this strategic direction is the best for enterprise-class implementations that we delivered for over 100 clients already. Advanced AI & live learning algorithms that stand behind KODA’s success will be developed further, aiming to become a new market standard in the following years.

The shift in our focus is reflected in the leadership change as well. Michał Pawelczyk, formerly the KODA’s CTO, is stepping into the Chief Executive Officer role, making the technological excellence of our software a business priority. Former CEO, Mariusz Pełechaty, will remain in the company as Head of Growth, taking over the responsibility for scaling up the business.

Superior technology requires superior client service. To keep our high standards in this crucial part of the business Ola Bilińska, our Head of Customer Success, is joining the KODA’s board of directors team.

KODA is to conquer international markets. The ambition of our new CEO is to expand the company’s operations geographically. 

We’ve been developing our platform since 2017 to the point where we can easily compete with top brands globally. Today we want to scale up our business in the US & the biggest European markets. KODA Platform is fully ready to meet the business needs of future clients from all around the world.

KODA Platform will not change its appearance overnight, nor will it lose any of the intuitiveness and ease of use that our clients cherish. There is still a lot to gain, like our NLP training modules or Visual Search feature that allows users to communicate visually with chatbots in search of a product.

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