KODA Live chat

    Support your bot

    Bots can automate with your business up to 9 out of 10 contacts. That leaves the one that needs your attention. Let your agent take over this conversation. Take advantage of KODA.AI Live chat.

    How can KODA.AI Live chat help you?

    Language base for your bots

    Your clients’ call history is the data set that will fuel your bots. If you are already planning to deploy a chatbot or voicebot, start with KODA.AI Live chat.

    Instant call takeover

    When using chatbots there are cases you simply have to join in a conversation. KODA.AI Live chat gives your agent the possibility to take over the call at any time or when the customer requests it.

    Smart routing

    The KODA.AI Platform will analyze the course of the conversation, automatically categorize it and forward it to consultants dealing with the area your client is referring to.

    Discover the key features of KODA.AI Live chat

    Agent panel

    The agent’s panel is his friendly work tool. What will you find inside?

    • Activity statuses. The tickets assigned to the inactive agent will be assigned to the other members of the group.
    • Chat list. The agent will see all the conversations that are assigned to him and await his reply.
    • Waiting list. Here you will find all the tickets assigned to groups to which the agent belongs and are not assigned to anyone yet.
    • Conversation subject. It can be assigned automatically and edited at any time. Topic scheduling helps you manage the queue.
    • Conversation window. The point is to make it fast and secure, so you have the option to hide the interlocutor’s personal data

    Managing agents

    You have control over the communication & the agent who is talking with your clients

    • You can create groups of specialized agents (IT, complaints, sales)
    • Each agent can be a member of multiple groups


    Each conversation started is a new report. Strive to close them quickly.

    • Application statuses. Choose 1 of 3 statuses that will determine what stage the case is at. You can update the status at any time
    • Details of the application. Know when the conversation started, on what communication channel, and on what issue it concerns
    • Advanced filters. They allow agents to view notifications of a similar nature.
    • Report owner. Assign reports to yourself or another group – let the right person take care of your interlocutor
    • Relationship. Different reports from the same user are linked together. You can view them in the agent’s dashboard.


    You can analyze the effectiveness of your agents in real-time by filtering the data collected in the KODA.AI Platform according to:

    • date range
    • group assignments
    • the topic of the conversation
    • language

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