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    Who are we?

    • Who are we?

      We make a team that shares a passion for technology, communication and making complex things as simple as possible. We develop low-code solutions that make life easier for our clients and their customers. We have been operating since 2017 and worked on more than 150 projects, for the various industries and brands. Our main office is in beautiful Wroclaw, Poland, but we are working worldwide.

    • What do we do?

      From years, we introduce businesses to the world of automation, so that all of our clients can achieve their goals even faster. We work for the biggest brands, leaders in their industries. Whatever the challenge, we are not afraid to face it.

      Thanks to our own platform, we democratize access to technology automating communication between businesses and their clients and employees. We save their time and improve sales by tapping into the potential of chatbots and voicebots accessible wherever their users are.

    • Why do we do it?

      Every day our clients are challenged by an increasing number of recurring questions from their partners, employees and customers. The number of online communication processes and the costs of handling them are increasing dramatically.

      That is why we have come up with and continue to develop technology that we would like to use ourselves if we were in their shoes. Technology that makes it possible for humans and robots to work together, but above all easy to use on a daily basis.

    Who are we?
    What do we do?
    Why do we do it?

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