Voice automation

    Voicebot: the chatbot that hears and speaks

    Voicebots take chatbots a step further: they allow for natural, voice-triggered conversation. These solutions are equipped with a speech recognition and voice simulation mechanism.

    KODA.AI Voicebot implementation in numbers

    Full, Automated Aunnel Conversion at 80% Level

    Reduce Customer Service Agents Workload by 50%

    Fully Functional Voicebot Implementation in 10 Days

    What is a voicebot?

    We usually come across it when we call a company hotline with a question or an issue we need to resolve. In other cases, a voicebot proactively calls us with an offer, a question about our satisfaction with the service or with information on any topic. Voicebots gain popularity and people grow accustomed to the fact that not every issue requires direct contact with a consultant. Yet it is always worth facilitating such contact.

    A voicebot is thus a consultant working around the clock to answer our questions or provide us with information on behalf of the company. KODA.AI customers use voicebots in, for example, the telco, courier services, medcare and recruitment sectors.

    Fast & effective customer service

    Increase the effectiveness

    Use Voicebotes to conduct the whole or just a part of a call with your client

    Reduce workload

    Minimize the consultants’ time spend on the FAQ talks, and leave those questions to the voicebot.

    Plan the outbound campaings

    Call your clients – sell, retain and loyalize. Build relations & stay in touch.

    Example Case Studies

    Nexera – how chatbot and voicebot automated customer service

    One structure – two solutions. Meet the chatbot available on the website and having its own version of the voicebot on the hotline that recognizes addresses.
    In its first year, it exchanged more than
    1 000 000
    At the time, he had nearly
    50 000
    Recognizes correctly
    of addresses

    How can voicebot help you?

    Calls to your customers

    Looking to make an offer to your contacts? Or perhaps you simply want to collect the necessary consents or confirm an appointment? With the KODA.AI platform, you can easily set up a call campaign and collect all the information you need.

    Example integrations with call centers software


    KODA.AI Chatbots & voicebots are easily integrated with Thulium contact center


    Contact center platform where the processes can be supported by bots from KODA.AI


    Integrate bots with the tool that is used by your customer service agents

    Technology partner

    Stay in touch with Your clients & contact them effortlessly.
    We cooperate with global technology partners. The most business useful and effective solutions can be easily integrated with the KODA Platform to increase the overall performance of your activities.

    Contact with us

    You are one step away from separating yourself from the communication community in your organization

    You can contact us and we will prepare a dedicated offer for you.