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    KODA.AI is an enterprise-class conversation automation platform, built to be intuitive & easy to use, with advanced AI technology & live learning algorithms.

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    Our technology enables automated & natural conversations with customers, building engagement, creating new sales opportunities, or increasing clients’ loyalty.

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    We bring communication automation to the next level, designing the KODA.AI Platform as a single, omnichannel solution your company needs.

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    Cut your costs & save money, by reducing your employees’ workload & boosting the client service processes’ effectiveness.

    The side effect of KODA.AI Platform implementation is simplifying processes. Scale-up your business, by creating new sales funnels & building clients’ loyalty.

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    KODA.AI Voicebot

    Natural conversations at their peak. Learn more about AI-supported voice assistants embeded in the KODA.AI Platform.

    KODA.AI Chatbot

    Omnichannel chatbot solution using advanced AI technology. Learn how Chatbot can help you manage conversations.

    KODA.AI Live Chat

    Human-to-human conversations are integrated into the technology. Learn how the KODA.AI Platform handles solving the more complex client issues.

    Phone campaigns

    Building client engagement via phone has never been easier. Learn how our technology supports outbound phone campaigns.

    We increase efficienty

    We automate communication in business processes for the largest companies, leaders in their industries.

    Wdrożenie - Wirtualni asystenci Player i TVN24 GO – chatbot for customer service, fully integrated with Salesforce

    Player is a VOD service visited by as many as 7 million viewers every month. The platform offers its customers the latest and classic movies, series and popular TV shows
    Every day, it sends more than
    5,000 messages
    A conversation with the bot takes an average of
    4 minutes
    Chatbot independently solves
    55% of cases

    Biedronka – chatbot for the employees of the largest employer in Poland

    The Biedronka chain has over 70,000 employees in its stores; every day they, have a lot of questions for their employer in Polish and Ukrainian.
    More than 111,000 conversations in 1 year
    More than 32,000 users
    of cases solved independently

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    Nexera is revolutionizing the way we use broadband internet. The voicebot built on the KODA.AI Platform allows you to check the availability of the network in a selected location and speeds up the process of reporting failures
    Bot talks for over 2 500 minutes every month
    It correctly recognizes 70% of the provided addresses

    The veritas group is a company that employs babysitters who fulfill orders for the care of the elderly

    The task of the voicebot is to conduct telephone surveys among caregivers about the working conditions and health condition of the mentees.
    Over 1 500 surveys conducted each month
    Average call duration 3:50 minutes

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