Phone Campaigns

    Call your clients

    Looking to make an offer to your contacts? Or perhaps you simply want to collect the necessary consents or confirm an appointment? With the KODA.AI Platform, you can easily set up a call campaign and collect all the information you need.

    Phone Campaigns implementation in numbers

    Up to 80% Pick Up Rate

    Automates Up To 70% of Processes

    Plan Your Campaign in 5 Minutes

    Voicebots assist in many repeatable processes


    Plan a campaign requesting permission to make an offer on behalf of your company. You will save hundreds of salespeople work hours


    Let your clients automatically book an appointment to visit your dealership, take a test drive or watch a product demo


    Have a large contact database, but are not sure if it is up to date? Plan a campaign that verifies whether the phone numbers are valid.


    Have an offer you want to let your clients know about? Plan a campaign to inform them about your products or services.


    Find out what your customers think about the quality of your services or products.


    Take good care of your customers. Reach out with loyalty offers via the most natural form of communication, call them.

    Example case studies

    Veritas Group is a company that employs caregivers to perform elderly care tasks

    The task of the voicebot is to conduct telephone surveys among caregivers about the working conditions and health condition of the mentees.
    surveys in each
    The solution
    has been used
    by more than
    5 500

    Easy & intuitive campaign set up

    The KODA.AI Platform has been designed to be user friendly. Easy set up & intuitive campaign reporting create an enviroment where you can focus only on the important aspects of client communication.

    Campaign panel

    This is where it all starts. You decide whom you want a voicebot to call, which phone number to use and what words it will start with. You can also choose its voice and specify the frequency, with which the call will be renewed. Your client’s replies can be automatically forwarded to your CRM system.

    Conversation preview

    Every conversation leaves a trace, namely a transcription or a recording. You decide how long your client’s call history can be stored. Remember that the information collected during conversations helps to develop your voicebot. It helps a voicebot better understand what your clients ask about, what they need, and you can respond to their needs even better.


    Voicebots speak for your business. We recognize the importance of anticipating every possible scenario, every event that can affect the emotions of your contact. That’s why we have prepared a number of features on the KODA.AI Platform to help you plan an effective campaign. Here are the key ones:

    Choose your brand voice.

    Male, female, high, low, fast, slow – which one do you prefer? The KODA.AI Platform allows you to opt for voices created by companies such as Techmo, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

    Use your phone number

    If your clients know your number and you want to use it to make calls, it is possible with the KODA.AI Platform. We will integrate with your operator.

    Detecting voicemail

    As we all know, it’s hard to talk to it, so within our call campaign we recognize calls received by voicemail to leave a message other than the accepted conversation scenario.


    If you find it more convenient to schedule campaigns from your internal systems or through marketing automation tools, no problem. The KODA.AI Platform provides an API which lets you engage it without looking into it.

    Technology partner

    Stay in touch with Your clients & contact them effortlessly.
    We cooperate with global technology partners. The most business useful and effective solutions can be easily integrated with the KODA Platform to increase the overall performance of your activities.

    Contact with us

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