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    Voice automation

    Voicebots in customer communication

    Voicebot is a modern tool that allows you to support customer contact on many levels. Voice assistants are gaining popularity in various industries. The applications of voicebots are countless, but what are they?

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    Generative AI in marketing

    Artificial intelligence is entering our daily lives more and more boldly, finding applications in various fields, including marketing. Since the advent of ChatGPT in Poland, companies have been trying to use its potential to facilitate daily work and improve communication with users.

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    Chat automation

    Chatbot’s intelligence – language models

    To understand how chatbots recognize user intent and tailor appropriate responses to it, there are three main categories of natural language processing algorithms: linguistic models, machine learning (ML) and large language models (LLM).

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    Welcome the new KODA & Michał Pawełczyk as the CEO

    The time has come to communicate this: KODA Bots has transformed into KODA, with an emphasis on technological excellence and the development of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. The new strategy aims to make KODA solutions the market standard.

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