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    Veritas Group is a company specializing in elderly care, primarily involved in recruiting individuals providing caregiving services and facilitating the provision of these services for seniors in Germany. The caregivers they employ support seniors in their daily lives, ensuring care and assistance in the comfort of their own homes. Many clients face challenges related to illnesses, disabilities, or mobility limitations, but this doesn’t mean they have to leave their comfortable living spaces, so caregivers live with their clients, ensuring continuous care and support.

    Although Veritas Group has access to information about clients’ needs, characteristics, and living conditions required for proper care, there’s always a risk that this information is incomplete or outdated. Conducting a thorough survey with contracted caregivers is essential to verify and possibly update this information, ensuring even better care for retirees and providing future caregivers with adequate information about the conditions of a specific assignment.

    Such survey is also available on the Veritas website, but only some of caregivers  complete it out independently. Therefore, recruitment teams had to be involved in conducting phone interviews. Veritas Group decided to automate this the process, so that the saved time could be spent by recruiters on sourcing caregiver.

    Veritas Group has been present in the Polish market for over 13 years. As an industry leader committed to providing the highest quality services, we actively seek and utilize the latest technological solutions. In 2021 we started our partnership with KODA – a company which, in our view, shares similar values as us.


    Our aim was to gather accurate information from caregivers so that the client could better tailor services to the needs of seniors and provide appropriate support to caregivers. The existing survey on the website was completed only by some of the caregivers, posing a problem in collecting necessary data. Additionally, the time spent by the recruiters on this one process could be used for other responsibilities.


    In a conversation with a voicebot, we planned several paths, which changed basing on previously given answers. All paths aimed to conduct a survey regarding the actual working conditions. During our work on this solution, we carefully examined the survey existing on the website and, and then customized it to fit the needs of the voicebot, aiming to collect information as effectively as possible.

    The project’s key aim was to ensure that the conversation followed a specific path without deviating into different topics, what required thorough preparation. To handle natural language generation and recognition, we opted for the VoiceAI Connect tool from Audiocodes – our partner and a one of the leading providers of telecommunication solutions in the market.

    Veritas Group has an extensive database of caregivers who needed to be contacted, and the database itself is continuously updated. The client developed their own system using KODA’s API to launch “phone campaigns,” commonly referred to as “outbound calls.” The phone number used for calling is provided by the client, not by KODA. As a result, outbound calls to caregivers conduct an efficient survey, and in case the caregiver initiates contact, a consultant is available to provide immediate assistance.

    Our goal was to maximize the automation of the process of surveying caregiving service providers, focusing on conditions of the assignment. Each survey comprises over 20 questions, both open-ended and closed. Prior to the implementation of the voicebot, recruiters conducted an average of 500 such conversations per month, lasting around 10 minutes on average, totaling over 80 hours monthly dedicated solely to this process.

    Voicebot’s achievements in 2022:

    Number of collected surveys:

    3 000

    Number of successfully completed calls:

    14 000

    Level of automation of the process:


    Conversation Flow

    Each caregiver is informed in advance that they will receive a call. This happens a few days after starting the assignment, allowing them to acclimate to the new environment and genuinely understand the conditions there.

    The conversation begins with preliminary questions, such as the gender of the care recipient. It then proceeds to inquire about illnesses and conditions, requirements like dressing or bathing the patient, and information about living conditions and the care recipient’s family. Each conversation is recorded, and if the caregiver does not consent to this, they can hang up and contact independently. The system also recognizes voicemail, busy signal or rejected calls, which allows the appropriate steps to be taken individually. 

    Such a conversation lasts from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the answers given.


    The voicebot was implemented at the beginning of 2022, and since then, the client is managing campaigns independently, collecting valuable information about the conditions caregivers encounter.

    Throughout 2022, we managed to collect 3,000 fully completed surveys out of 14,000 successfully conducted (answered) calls, averaging 250 fully completed surveys per month. Automation of the entire process reached 50%, which, considering the number of questions in the survey and the average conversation length needed for completion, is a very good result. Thanks to mutual API integration between our systems, the entire process of setting up phone campaigns, retrieving and storing collected data, and displaying them to users is completely maintenance-free.

    Since the implementation of the voicebot, over 5,500 Veritas Group caregivers have used the solution, significantly speeding up and facilitating the time-consuming yet crucial process.

    Chatbots and voicebots with specific scenarios

    Veritas Group’s voicebot is an excellent example of a bot leading the user through a specific, predefined path. Such solutions are very effective in conducting surveys, gathering contact data e.g., from potential clients, and supporting customers who, like in the case of contacting a call center, have a specific problem that needs to be solved. When creating campaigns on our platform it is easy to set various conditions, such as how many times to call, on which days or hours, and how often to repeat the call. 


    The implementation of the voicebot by Veritas Group has proven to be a successful solution for gathering crucial information from caregivers and ensuring better care for seniors. The voicebot, operational for almost 2 years now, has become an integral part of the company’s strategy, delivering positive results and satisfaction among employed caregivers.

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