Our bot is always there where your caller needs it. We can integrate the KODA Platform with any system that supports data exchange. Using the built-in no-code tools, you can configure integration with tools that support the REST API. Thanks to this, the bot can, among other things, present an always up-to-date selection of your online store and personalize the conversation based on previous contacts with the caller.

    Communication channels

    Automate communication where your callers are. If they want to talk to you through popular instant messengers – no problem. If they call you or you want to call them – it is possible with KODA.

    SIP Voicebot

    Create a voicebot that will answer the call for you, or replace your consultants in the telephone campaign
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    KODA web widget

    You can run it on a website, an intranet or any touch screen


    Add a chatbot or voicebot to your mobile app and make it even more exciting iOS app


    Add a chatbot or voicebot to your mobile app and make it even more exciting Android app


    Thousands of your current and prospective customers may have your business on their contact list


    It’s the largest instant messenger in the world, do you use it for your business?


    Is your business active here? Your customers certainly are too – engage them in the life of your brand
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    Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa – these are the markets where Viber is the leading instant messaging service


    Harness the potential of one of the fastest growing instant messengers. Talk to and engage your callers


    Automate communication with your team by adding a chatbot to the Slack platform

    Microsoft Teams

    Streamline and accelerate daily communication in your business with the power of MS Teams
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    Workplace Chat

    Improve your employees’ productivity by communicating with them through the popular business IM

    Google Assistant

    Add your bot to Google’s product line-up with Google Actions.

    Customer Support Systems

    Any conversation with a bot can be intercepted by a consultant who can review the conversation and easily continue it from a customer service system. The KODA Platform is integrated with, among other systems.

    Salesforce Live Agent

    Bots can be connected with Salesforce & help you to sell, service & engage clients

    Zendesk Support

    The complete solution to service your clients with KODA bots connectivity


    KODA Chatbots & voicebots are easily integrated with Thulium contact center


    Contact center platform where the processes can be supported by bots from KODA


    Integrate bots with the tool that is used by your customer service agents

    Business intelligence tools

    All data processed by the KODA Platform can be transferred to the BigQuery data warehouse that supports integration with all leading business intelligence tools. This allows the chatbot’s performance to be analyzed over time and compared to other processes.

    Google Data Studio

    Interactive & multichannel reports from numerous sources, the KODA Platform data is one of the sources


    Visualize your chatbots & voicebots stats & integrate with the popular analytical tool from Microsoft
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    Integration with Tableau can bring lots of benefits to understanding the value bots bring to your company


    The KODA Platform is integrated with major e-commerce engines. This way, the bot can be the point where new orders are placed and customers can, for example, check the status of their orders


    Enhance your Woocommerce online shop with chatbot & live chat features


    Can Magento be improved? Try out our integration & boost your sales with bots


    Build a new sales channel with KODA Platform solutions with Shopify integration


    Sell online with a fully customizable e-commerce platform that scales as your business grows


    With integration with any calendar that businesses use, bot callers can easily check available time slots and make appointments.

    Microsoft Outlook

    KODA chatbots & voicebots can schedule appointments directly in your MS Outlook

    Google Calendar

    Easy integration with Google Calendar allows your bots to schedule meetings in your free time

    ATS Systems

    Integrating our solutions with ATS systems can significantly streamline the recruitment process and increase its efficiency.


    Let the chatbot collect candidates’ data and push them directly to your ATS

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