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    The chatbot helps the customer service team of the VOD service owned by the Discovery Group in their daily operations. It independently answers questions related to the platform’s functioning or technical issues concerning the account and payments.

    Jeronimo Martins Polska

    Poland’s largest private employer has opted for KODA’s technology and team to implement a chatbot for internal communication. Over 70,000 employees can quickly get information related to their employment.


    Chatbot in Polish and voicebot in Polish and Ukrainian, solutions aimed at employees of factories and offices of Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte – the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe. They answer frequently asked questions about access, benefits or working hours.


    The chatbot, available after logging in to the user account at Gamivo – a game code store. Fully integrated with the Zendesk system. It assists in servicing Gamivo’s customers by taking the workload off the customer service team. It also helps users report and resolve their problems.

    Santander Consumer Bank – customer service

    Chatbot available for Santander Consumer Bank customers, supporting a wide range of knowledge about mobile banking, online banking or offers. The solution is equipped with a data anonymisation system for the complete security of the conversation.


    Contest chatbots available in the Polish and Czech markets. It’s a simple but incredibly engaging game where participants had a chance to win vacation vouchers.


    The single chatbot operates in three communication channels: Messenger and the mobile application. During the first year of its operation alone, it exchanged over 1,000,000 messages with its users about the offer, promotions and loyalty program.

    Bosch Home

    Chatbot helping to diagnose issues with washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers based on error codes or symptoms. It provides repair tips in graphic or text form. If an agent needs to be contacted, it collects a phone number and passes the information to a consultant.


    Over the years, we have been boosting a periodic sweepstake held by the popular beer brand. The chatbot helps consumers add codes from under the caps to the raffle. It informs about winnings, prompts for further attempts and answers questions about the campaign terms and prizes.


    The Heineken sweepstakes was open to all those who, after entering the unique code from under the cap, correctly answered 7 quiz questions on music, artists and festivals organized by the brand.

    Santander Consumer Bank – HR

    In 2018, we designed an innovative project for internal communication in the bank. Already in the first days, the chatbot available on the bank’s intranet reduced by 40 percent the number of calls and messages sent to the HR department.

    Port Lotniczy Wrocław

    The chatbot operates on the airport’s website, Messenger and Instagram. It informs passengers about their flights’ statuses, helps with travel arrangements and a module integrated with ChatGPT assists with travel planning. The integration with the Skyscanner system allows you to search for flight routes and compare prices.


    A web-based chatbot available in Polish, English and Spanish, helping freelancers and service providers with everyday topics such as billing, contracts, and account details. If necessary, it allows an agent to take over the conversation or lets users leave a message.


    An HR chatbot available on 3 communication channels – Viber, WhatsApp, and Messenger, and in 4 languages – Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and English. Thanks to the multichannel and multilingual capabilities of this solution, we can reach the widest possible audience of recipients and potential employees.

    WP Pilot

    A chatbot supporting users of the WP Pilot VOD platform – it answers questions about payments, the available offers, and also provides information about special events.


    The chatbot operating in Messenger communicator shows the always up-to-date offer available in Biedronka supermarkets. It also supports customer service in replying to the most frequent questions.

    Żabka Centrum Wsparcia Franczyzobiorców

    Another joint project of ours, this time aimed at brand franchisees. The chatbot is knowledgeable in providing answers to questions regarding specific situations, assisting with order-related matters, system login, communication, and even equipment and device malfunctions.


    Three voice solutions: a voicebot conducting post-sale surveys, a debt collection voicebot, and a voicebot verifying the current status of leads, integrated with the Pipedrive system. Their success has paved the way for the automation of additional processes within the organization.

    Play Career

    A website chatbot helping to find a job offer at PLAY basing on candidates’ preferences. It also answers frequently asked questions about areas of employment and recruitment rules.


    The internal communication chatbot is available to the pharmaceutical company’s employees on the intranet. It answers employees’ questions across nine broad subject areas, including HR, administration and accounting.

    Żywiec Męskie Granie

    The chatbot informed about the concert tickets availability, served as a knowledge base about artists, concerts and venues. It accurately identified and responded to 94 percent of questions asked.


    An HR chatbot available on 3 communication channels – Telegram, Viber, and Messenger, in the Ukrainian and Russian languages. By being present on popular messengers across our eastern border, we reach potential employees in the most natural way possible.


    We have been working with Desperados for several years on our lottery projects for the Żywiec group. The chatbot on Messenger allows users to quickly enter their under-the-cap codes and also provides answers to frequently asked questions related to the lottery.

    Benefit Fitness

    Together with a chain of five gyms owned by Benefit Systems, we built a multi-chatbot available on websites and in messenger. It answers gym customers’ questions on behalf of each brand.


    A contest chatbot available on Messenger, collecting entries in the form of photos and answering frequently asked questions related to the rules, prizes, and contest guidelines.


    We have designed a bilingual chatbot that supports sales and customer service on a daily basis. It replies independently to 88 percent of questions submitted by users. It integrates text chat functionality with a speech recognition system.


    The web chatbot and telephone voicebot assist people looking for an internet provider to check the services availability in their location. These companies’ clients can report outages through bots.


    The Semilac chatbot advises, suggests looks and inspires customers. It features information on all products from the popular nail polish brand. Engaged community willingly participates in consumer campaigns.


    The KODA-based chatbots help residents of three cities to find out more about the heating solutions on offer, renewable energy sources and cooperation conditions.


    The purpose of the voicebot is to conduct telephone surveys. Its target group are the elderly care workers employed by our client. The gathered information allows for automatic updates on patient health and working conditions.

    Benefit Systems – Partner Zone

    An internal chatbot named Strefek, an assistant for partners of the Benefit Systems gym network, which supports daily work and provides help by answering questions related to collaboration, visit registration, billing, and technical aspects.


    The chatbot operates on the official website of the city of Wrocław. It reports on the most interesting events in the city and answers questions from the residents on a daily basis. It was the first virtual municipal advisor for the COVID-19 pandemic.


    A website chatbot answering the most common questions about natural gas, procedures, billing, and customer account. Integration with Thulium enables contact with a consultant or allows users to leave a contact request.


    In cooperation with the payment operator Tpay, we have implemented a solution that enables making BLIK payments in Messenger. This popular fashion brand’s customers select a product and delivery method in a chatbot and then complete their purchase directly in a messenger.

    Kinder Country

    A chatbot on Messenger collecting contest entries in the form of photos, answering frequently asked questions, and sending push notifications encouraging participants to complete the contest.


    A contest chatbot available on Messenger that engages users in multiple game editions, such as bingo or maze, and collects entries in the form of responses to open-ended contest questions.


    A culinary chatbot available on Messenger and Instagram. It provides recipe suggestions based on criteria such as time, difficulty, and type of meal. It also supports the Almette lottery, assisting with code entry and informing users about the rules.


    Chatbot on Messenger and Instagram. The culinary advisor helps finding recipes based on selected ingredients and preferences. It also supports the Hochland lottery by facilitating the addition of codes from the receipt and providing information on the rules.


    The international betting company uses the messenger chatbot to feature ongoing promotions for betting on sporting, political and social events. It also invites its customers to participate in periodic contests

    WP Wiadomości

    Collaboration with 5 WP News websites, where we send daily push notifications via Messenger with the latest news updates. Additionally, we provide clients with the opportunity to reach readers through this channel by sending breaking news push notifications.

    Zieleniec Ski Arena

    The chatbot supports the tourist service at the popular winter resort. It has already effectively helped more than 20,000 users with weather reports and recommendations of worthwhile destinations nearby.

    Komputronik – Customer Support

    The virtual advisor suggests products available in the online store’s offer. It also improves the conversion of add-on sales, such as insurance or warranty extension.

    Wrocław Krasnale

    A tourism chatbot (but not only!) revealing the biggest secrets of Wrocław’s gnomes. It suggests sightseeing routes, hints where to find a specific gnome, and entertains users with special quizzes and contests.

    Demagog (Climate bot)

    A chatbot supporting a campaign aimed at debunking myths about climate change. With its extensive knowledge base and the ability to detect user questions, the chatbot educates, dispels doubts regarding climate-related topics, and eliminates fake news.


    The first Polish tourism chatbot recognized in the industry’s 2017 Rose of the Regions contest. It is an interactive city guide created for tourists from all over the world visiting Wrocław.

    ZOO Wrocław

    The interactive zoo guide provides the visitors with information on ticket prices, opening hours and directions. It also talks about the most interesting animals which can be found in the zoo.


    A seasonal chatbot that we bring back every winter. It provides information about getting to the ski slope, opening hours, attractions, and other ways to spend time in the area.


    The Messenger chatbot provides 24/7 customer service, ready to answer questions about an internet service provider’s offers and services. It can check the availability of services and adapts the offer to the customer’s needs.

    Impel podzespoły elektroniczne

    Chatbot available on 6 websites, in Polish and English. Integration with the product feed enables bot to find back lighting matching given TV model or matrix. The chatbot also allows checking the status of the package and leaving feedback about the shop.


    A chatbot, available on Messenger and the website, presenting the client’s offer, matching products to user requirements, and answering frequently asked questions of electric scooter and bicycle enthusiasts.

    Atrium European Real Estate

    Monika works as a virtual assistant for one of the shopping malls affiliated with the international chain of shopping centers in Central and Eastern Europe. Monika knows all about current special offers and answers the most frequently asked questions.

    DOM 3E

    A chatbot informing users about an alternative, environmentally friendly approach to building homes. It showcases designs, provides current prices, and informs about the steps required to construct an energy-efficient house.

    Duda / Z kurnej półki

    Our chatbots in cooperation with ZM Silesia S.A. are primarily promotional and contest chatbots. Besides providing information about available products, they engage customers and, thanks to the option of collecting users’ email addresses, allow for building a contact database

    Komputronik.pl – the shopping cart

    A chatbot on the website that is active during the purchase process and suggests upselling additional services and warranties for products in the shopping cart.

    OZ E-liquid

    An Australian chatbot that, through integration with the ordering system, allows customers to check the status of their placed orders and shipments. The chatbot is available after logging into the account on the store’s website.

    Unity Line

    The ferry guide’s web and Messenger chatbot offers its passengers easy access to information regarding ferry travel from Poland to Sweden.

    WP Poczta

    A chatbot integrated with the client’s system, with the option of anonymizing conversations enabled, so that users can reset and recover their passwords through the tool’s dialogue window. Automatically and randomly displayed verification questions support the process and relieve consultants.


    An action-oriented chatbot supporting the ‘Care for Clothes’ campaign. Using image recognition capabilities, the chatbot analyzes a photo of a clothing tag and identifies the laundry instructions for the garment.

    Hi Hybrid!

    One of the world’s first chatbots on Instagram. It engages female consumers by automatically responding to tags in Instastories and answering questions related to hybrid manicure. It inspires with seasonal nail design photos and encourages the purchase of products in the brand’s online store.

    TVN24 GO

    Within a month, virtual assistant Julia independently answers questions asked by the audience of the TV news station. It provides technical information about the VOD service from the Discovery Group.

    Happy Kids

    A chatbot that enables making donations of any amount to support a chosen charitable campaign of a foundation through BLIK transfers.


    A contest-oriented chatbot supporting a campaign related to the new spring collection. It allows participants to win shopping vouchers for the brand’s store and distributes discount codes to all interested in the campaign.


    A chatbot targeted towards users of the Yes2Move platform, which enables professional workouts in the comfort of one’s home. Integrated with the website, the chatbot provides users with personalized exercise recommendations and motivates them to purchase selected packages.


    Together with Warka, we created a chatbot for Messenger, which, as part of the Planet of Gamers campaign, enabled the registration of receipts required to participate in the lottery, answered questions about prizes and the rules of the game.

    Your Kaya.

    We joined the campaign prepared to celebrate Father’s Day as a technology partner. The campaign aimed to help fathers break the taboo of talking to their pubescent daughters – so that they will be better prepared to do so – without embarrassment, stress or shame.

    Captain Morgan

    An action-oriented chatbot that verified submitted receipts and the purchase of a selected product, allowing users to enter a contest path.

    Orlen Paczka

    The voicebot makes calls to kiosks, stations and outlets working with the courier company. This automated process aims to gain information on the status of specific orders.


    Over 150,000 viewers have used the chatbot of the popular entertainment TV channel in five years. They dedicate songs to each other, vote, take part in contests. The chatbot replaced the mobile app and now allows the viewers to interact with what is happening on screen.


    A chatbot targeted at both children and their parents, engaging users and encouraging them to participate in contests and promotional activities.


    Conrad, the conversational chatbot, talks to candidates applying for seasonal work abroad. It is integrated into the corporate system, where it transfers the collected information, producing a precise profile of the candidate.


    Based on certain criteria specified by the user in the conversation, the chatbot allows browsing through the offers of the most popular travel agencies. Its role is to redirect the customer to the page of a specific ad where they can complete their purchase.


    Available on many mobile apps, the multi-chatbot offers bike rental in different cities. Fully integrated with Zendesk, it can automatically handle queries sent by users, help them book bikes as well as check and manage their account.

    Vienna Life

    The chatbot on messenger which replies to questions from female clients of a shopping club. It can filter offers in each category by gender, wardrobe type and budget, for example, and displays a results list tailored to the user.


    The chatbot provides a calendar of events, lists available packages and allows you to sign up for each event. Runmageddon is a series of annual obstacle races.


    The contest chatbot in messenger targeting consumers who bought the brand’s products. The task was to answer two questions and awards comprised tickets to festivals and electronic gadgets.


    The chatbot automates customer service and sales for the clothing brand. It answers questions about orders, returns and promotions. It pinpoints to the nearest showroom and attracts customers with the brand’s current offer.


    The contest chatbot to celebrate Mother’s Day. It used a mechanism designed to automatically respond to comments published under the brand’s Facebook posts. The participants held out more than 10,000 conversations with the bot.

    Onet Sport

    The chatbot operated during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It made it possible to subscribe to information on the highlights of the event. The messages it sent out were read by more than 90 percent of the recipients

    Żubrówka Czarna

    The contest chatbot operating in Messenger as part of the ‘Czarna Polana’ project, with the developers tackling technology, social media and the innovation around us.

    Accor Hotels

    For the purposes of the project, we prepared a unique solution on the automated communication market: the multi-chatbot, accessible to guests of hotels operating under different brands in many cities.


    We brought one of the largest telecommunications networks in Central Europe into the world of automated communications. The crucial part involved presenting Play’s offer to individual customers and collecting leads.


    The chatbot played an important role in the #zmywamysie campaign promoting make-up removal products. It assisted in e-commerce activities, showcased the brand’s offer and provided personalized discount codes.


    The contest to celebrate Children’s Day designed especially for this supermarket chain’s customers. We have used the KODA engage module, which enables a quick (24h) launch and contest management on the KODA Platform.

    Home Broker

    Integrated with the property broker database, the chatbot helps to filter offers according to the customer’s expectations and helps to select the best matching offer.


    Based on the KODA Platform, we built the start-up JoBot24. Our recruitment chatbot helps to find a job via Messenger in 4 minutes. A conversation with the bot results in the creation of a resume, which is matched with current job offers.


    The chatbot guides to information requested by the insurance company’s customers. The solution streamlines customer service and marks a significant step towards automating the insurance process.


    A messenger chatbot that replies to female customers of a shopping club. Allowing you to filter offers in each category by gender, wardrobe type and budget, for example, it shows a list of results tailored to the user.

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