Generative AI


    Combine large language models (LLM) like ChatGPT with any source of data.


    Systems / Databases / Product Feed

    The LLM model can automatically call the appropriate function set in dashboard by passing parameters to it. This allows you to integrate with any system or database.


    Add documents in docx, pdf or txt format to the knowledge base.


    Add any URL or site map to instantly add the information contained in the web pages to the knowledge base.

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    Examples of use

    Large LLM language models combined with your data offer a wide range of business applications, with the KODA platform you can tap into their potential.

    Product advisor

    Integration with the product feed allows for personalized recommendations and product comparisons, helping customers make faster and more effective choices.

    Customer service

    Add questions and stories located on your website and provide instant answers to your customers or employees.


    It can be used in marketing campaigns to interactively communicate information, gather feedback or generate interest in products and services. See more

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