KODA Analytics

    Set goals and track them

    Every word typed, every click on a button, every action performed by your caller allow you to draw conclusions and plan further stages of the bot’s development. That is why we have equipped the KODA Platform with a perfect analytical system that captures all information about each of the conversations held on it.

    Standard and custom metrics

    The KODA Platform provides the most important information related to the bot’s performance. How many users hold conversations? What communication channels do they use? What is the duration of each session? What is the repeatability and what is the rejection rate? – these are just some of the standard metrics.

    You can also define custom objectives for a specific process.

    Flexibility in creating statistical events

    Do you want to know which of the available languages the caller wants to hold a conversation in? Would you like to find out what his or her questions are about? Do you want to be sure he or she has completed the process they started during the call?

    These are just some of the most commonly configured events in the KODA Platform. Each action performed by the bot or its caller can be defined by a specific parameter to learn lessons for the future.

    Business Intelligence Tools

    For our clients, the bots they use represent solutions that are benchmarked against other communication channels or tools to accomplish the same goal.

    That’s why it’s important that data on topics covered and the effectiveness of conversations be automatically transferred to tools like Power BI, Data studio or Tableau. Of course, if you simply need a .csv file – that’s a piece of cake.

    Google Data Studio

    Interactive & multichannel reports from numerous sources, the KODA Platform data is one of the sources


    Visualize your chatbots & voicebots stats & integrate with the popular analytical tool from Microsoft
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    Integration with Tableau can bring lots of benefits to understanding the value bots bring to your company

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